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So you know that you want to be a bartender now, but why should you take our course? What’s the point in being a Mixologist? In truth, a mixologist has a greater knowledge of the trade, usually works in more upscale food and beverage establishments, and can expect to earn more in tips and salary simply because of their expert knowledge and application of the few simple rules of excellent bartending. Our school has been training the very best in central Indiana bartenders for nearly 20 years. Are you ready to join our family of graduates?

Our Professional Mixology course is a forty-hour course consisting of ten four-hour sessions. But that’s not all the instruction you get. Our facility is open to any of our graduates to come in and practice, study, or even take a refresher lesson should you need it. Our normal mixology course is available for completion in a time of one, two, or five weeks depending on your availability. We have new classes starting every week.

National Restaurant Assoc

Popular Highballs

Sours and Margaritas

Traditional Martinis

Today’s Hottest Shooters

Exotic Tall Drinks

Budweiser Training Program

Guinness Beer Program

Wine Class

The graduate of our mixology course will have learned how to professionally prepare 125 traditional drinks as well as the latest trendy drinks that are popular in each city. Drinks range from the traditional martini & manhattan to the ever popular sex on the beach. In addition, the student will learn beer, wine, responsible alcohol service and professional customer service techniques. The school uses the Anheuser-Busch “Beertender” training program and the Guinness Beer “Perfect Pour” training program.

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